Camping prices genner hoel

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Camping prices 2022

The site is open to tourists, from Easter until Sunday, October 9

Pt. is it NOT possible to reserve a place, 2-4 July 2022, or get on a waiting list.

Accommodation prices per. night in your own tent, caravan or motorhome
Departure from the square no later than 11, or by appointment.
Please settle the day before your departure.
Note: No extra fees – not even in high season. However, you pay for hot water in the kitchen and bath.

OFFER throughout 2022 (applies only to pre-orders)
2 people for 4 nights, incl. electricity Dkr. 600,00

Comes in a minimum of 2 people for 2 weekends in a row, and with min. 2 nights per. weekend, the cart can be left free of charge in the intervening period. Note that the power must be disconnected from the car on the days you are not here, or a daily fee of DKK 40 per person is paid. Day.
The offer with an empty wagon does not apply in the period 25/6 – 14/8

Children 0 - 2 years
Children 3 - 15 years
Power per. day
75,00 Dkr.
40,00 Dkr.
15,00 Dkr.
40,00 Dkr

Cabin prices 2022

Price per. nat, incl. power

The cabins can be booked for a minimum of 2 nights (however in weeks 28, 29, 30 and 31, min. 4 nights)

For inquiries about available dates, send us an e-mail at info@gennerhoel.dk

Cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant, or can be purchased for DKK 250. Remember to let us know at the latest on your arrival if we need to grab the cleaning, but preferably already at your booking.

The cabins have no running water.

Read more about the cabins here.

Note that cabin 4 consists exclusively of 2 beds, a lamp, electric radiator, a power plug and nothing else. See it as a comfortable alternative to an overnight stay in a tent.
(bring to this cabin even duvet / sleeping bag)

For reservations or questions, please contact us by phone + 45 74 69 89 27
or via e-mail info@gennerhoel.dk

Cabin 2
Cabin 4
Purchase of cleaning
450,00 Dkr.
250,00 Dkr.
250,00 Dkr.

Season prices 2022

Mandatory electricity package, as well as rental of electricity meter will be purchased when we enter into a contract. We talk about how big your power package should be when you enter into the contract.

The price applies to cohabiting couples, incl. own children up to 18 years.

No possibility of permanent residence and population register address at Genner Hoel.

Hot water is paid for in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Free Wifi

For reservations or questions, please contact us by phone + 45 74 69 89 27
or via e-mail info@gennerhoel.dk

Whole season (09.04.22 - 23.10.22)
Winter storage (23.10.22 - 01.04.23)
6.450,00 Dkr.
1.000,00 Dkr.